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Amelia Showalter

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Updated October 2015

Amelia Showalter will work with you to create a customized consulting plan for your organization.

Consulting Services:

  • Strategic advice on designing and running experiments
  • Assistance with test plan implementation
  • Assessment of online fundraising plans
  • Data analysis of:
    • Experimental results
    • Archival data from your organization
    • Polling data & electoral results
    • Voter files and demographic data
  • Ongoing consulting services and regular check-ins

In addition to the consulting services above, Amelia can also provide the following training modules to small or large groups within your organization.

Training Modules:

  • Creating a culture of testing
    • Why is it important to test?
    • When should you test?
    • Choosing the right metrics
    • What can you do organizationally to encourage testing and innovation?
    • Keeping good records & archiving your work
  • Lessons on statistical significance, sample size, & response rates
    • Choosing a representative sample
    • How big should your sample be?
    • What is statistical significance?
    • Sample size & significance calculation exercises
    • What to do when you don’t get significant differences
    • How frequently should you go back and re-test?
  • Obama 2012: Anecdotes to Help You Brainstorm
    • Stories behind what you’ve read in the press
    • Examples of experimental design
    • Brainstorm session

Please contact Amelia about creating customized trainings and presentations for your conference or event. Amelia is also a veteran trainer in Microsoft Excel. Click here for more details.

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