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Updated October 2015


Amelia Showalter is the former Director of Digital Analytics at President Obama’s re-election campaign. Her new mission is to bring the Obama campaign’s culture of rigorous testing and analysis to progressive organizations, campaigns, and firms. Amelia specializes in data analysis, model building, and experimental design, with particular expertise in online fundraising and organizing. She is available for short-term, long-term, and part-time consulting contracts, as well as one-shot training sessions and speaking engagements. Above all, the goal is to empower your organization to get better results through testing.


Updated October 2015

Amelia Showalter will work with you to create a customized consulting plan for your organization.

Consulting Services:

  • Strategic advice on designing and running experiments
  • Assistance with test plan implementation
  • Assessment of online fundraising plans
  • Data analysis of:
    • Experimental results
    • Archival data from your organization
    • Polling data & electoral results
    • Voter files and demographic data
  • Ongoing consulting services and regular check-ins

In addition to the consulting services above, Amelia can also provide the following training modules to small or large groups within your organization.

Training Modules:

  • Creating a culture of testing
    • Why is it important to test?
    • When should you test?
    • Choosing the right metrics
    • What can you do organizationally to encourage testing and innovation?
    • Keeping good records & archiving your work
  • Lessons on statistical significance, sample size, & response rates
    • Choosing a representative sample
    • How big should your sample be?
    • What is statistical significance?
    • Sample size & significance calculation exercises
    • What to do when you don’t get significant differences
    • How frequently should you go back and re-test?
  • Obama 2012: Anecdotes to Help You Brainstorm
    • Stories behind what you’ve read in the press
    • Examples of experimental design
    • Brainstorm session

Please contact Amelia about creating customized trainings and presentations for your conference or event. Amelia is also a veteran trainer in Microsoft Excel. Click here for more details.

About Amelia

Updated October 2015

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Amelia Showalter served as Director of Digital Analytics on Barack Obama’s 2012 presidential campaign. She led a cutting-edge Digital Analytics team that designed and implemented hundreds of experiments to improve the performance of all types of digital outreach. From long-term experiments for determining ideal email frequency to short-term tests optimizing all visual aspects of digital outreach, these experiments led to tens of millions of dollars in added revenue for the campaign. Showalter raised standards for data quality and statistical validity in the Obama campaign’s digital testing process.

Prior to her position at the Obama campaign, Showalter was a political consultant and provided strategic analysis and micro-targeting models to dozens of campaigns and organizations in the progressive political sphere. Showalter served as Director of Media Strategies with Changing Targets Media from 2009-2010, developing innovative television targeting tools for campaigns at the local, Congressional, and statewide levels. In 2011, Showalter became an expert in redistricting analysis, using advanced Monte Carlo simulation techniques to accurately predict Oregon’s legislative outcomes a year and a half in advance of the elections.

Originally from Olympia, Washington, Showalter graduated with honors from Harvard University and later from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government with a Master’s degree in Public Policy. After the 2012 election, Bloomberg BusinessWeek named Amelia one of the “most eligible hires in techdom.”

Amelia is also the co-founder and past President of DC State Fair.

Speaking Appearances

Updated October 2015

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Twitter: ameliashowalter

Amelia is based in Washington, DC.